🀜 Rubberhose / Duik / Limber πŸ€›

What is the best rigging tool for Ae? We seek to answer this based on many factors.
Adam Plouff 2 min read
🀜 Rubberhose / Duik / Limber πŸ€›

Growing as a human means asking uncomfortable questions, like β€œwhat is the meaning of life?” or "will my kid ever think I'm cool?" The most challenging question a character animator often asks usually boils down to:

What’s the best rigging tool for Ae?

In this video, Jake will try to make an unbiased case for each of the top 3.

Are you really gonna try and call it unbiased?

Of course, we would enjoy it very much if you were to swipe your card for a copy of Rubberhose. In fact, Jake is on salary here at Battle Axe, so the more you buy, the more we all get clean teeth (yeah, we got dental insurance 😬).

Every shot is different and so is every motion designer. We at Battle Axe want you to do your best work. Our hope is to give you a clear overview of where each tool shines. Even if that means you choose a different system for your project.

Collaboration is key and the reason you get hired again is based on how well you worked with others to finish your shot. This is our reason the EGP to Rig feature works with both Duik and Limber.

Duik and Limber are both really powerful and (spoiler alert) Rubberhose works really well with both of them.

Rubberhose 3

The fastest way to rig and animate a character in After Effects

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Blast from the past

Wayyyyyy back in 2017, Jake recorded a Rubberhose 2 review with School of Motion. I had seen his tutorials but this was the first time our really paths crossed. It took several years of orbiting around one another before our planets aligned.

Mandatory photo of Twig the wolf

Morning lounge time with good boy

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