Master class with Reece Parker and friends

Adam Plouff 1 min read
Master class with Reece Parker and friends

Jake digs into the details of what it took to create the new Rubberhose 3 promo. And by details we mean on a frame-by-frame level. This is a long one, but it's a goldmine of process and collaboration.

Reece walks through:

  • his journey as an artist
  • collaborating with Battle Axe
  • how the look came to exist
  • stylistic challenges
  • cel vs vector vs rigged - in a single shot
  • expressions 🤜 💥 🤛 drawing

Adam walks through:

  • revisiting a classic
  • limiting beliefs and a return to keyframing
  • idea germination
  • staying true to the art and the product
  • getting help and taking time
  • writing music and words
  • recording nonsense voice over

Trevor from Sanctus

  • audio as an artistic collaborator
  • finding the vibe and texture
  • layers and details you can feel
  • sound design in an otherworldly space
  • layering voices and effects
  • audio tips for animators
  • learning synths

ICYMI: in our last post, we took a look at some of the lessons that were learned from animating on this project and how it helped define many of the features in RH3.

Rubberhose 3

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