KBar Source of Truth / RH 3.1.2

Download every KBar button as a single toolbar.
Adam Plouff 2 min read
KBar Source of Truth / RH 3.1.2

It's no secret that we love KBar around here. It can save precious screen space in Ae and can provide limitless workflow customization.

It's also an unspoken fact that most people have zero interest in customizing KBar buttons one at a time. While we have provided detailed instructions on how to set up our tools with KBar, one thoughtful member of our Discord (we have a Discord and you should come and help us think up new ideas) requested a single install for all our buttons.

So we built. And then we wondered why we never thought about it before.

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Rubberhose 3.1.2

100% realism

You may or may not be aware that Rubberhose has a Settings section. This is where you can set the default values for each new hose that’s created. This was designed to give everyone the ability to customize how things bend without having to adjust sliders every time.

In all of our documentation for the build methods we have had to mention that with a Realism setting is less than 100%, the accuracy of the building hoses might be a little off. So we decided that if you are creating rigs with existing art, you will probably want it to be drawn correctly

In Rubberhose 3.1.2+ the Realism will now be set to 100% regardless of your settings whenever you create a rig with:

Note: it is still easy to turn down the Realism once the rig is created. New rigs will now just look more correct from the start.

VPN authentication stability

A handful of users have reported their computers being logged multiple times when using strict corporate networks or a VPN. This Piracy countermeasure has affected some of the pain customers and locked them out. This new build will clear up the problem.

Anubis 1.1.10

FFmpeg signing for MacOS

If you installed Anubis on a Mac you probably saw an error about an Unverified developer. We are happy to report that this error is gone and will no longer require extra setup.

We enjoy learning new things by doing –and making a lot of mistakes. We don't enjoy the mistakes, but it really helps burn that lesson in your brain. Don't be afraid to try building things even when you don't know how.

We aren't iOS or macOS developers so this one took a while to figure out. The process isn't very clear, so if you are interested in learning how to sign an app or binary (yeah, super nerdy), let us know.

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Freebie downloads

Freebie downloads

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