Hello from the whole team 🎥

Ashley, Adam, and Jake sit down to talk about how the diversity of skills helps working together as a remote company.
Adam Plouff 1 min read
Hello from the whole team 🎥

Battle Axe is a very small, remote company. Jake is in Denver, CO, while Ashley and I are in Atlanta, GA. We work pretty asynchronously, but for a few short moments, we all had a chance to sit down together and talk about how Ashley and I started working and making music together.

Topics include

  • Moving from solo to team
  • Emergent collaboration
  • You don't have to know everything/anything to bring perspective
  • Expanding the boundaries of Battleaxia
  • Relying on the complementary skills
  • Killing your darlings
  • Divergent approaches to art
  • Gear talk

Mandatory photo of Twig

Being ferociously loyal can wear a good boy out

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