RubberPins :: Freebies new home :: Anubis QoL updates

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RubberPins :: Freebies new home :: Anubis QoL updates
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- Rubberhose 3.1.0 is here and back and may be downloaded from or the update notification in the Rubberhose panel.
- Freebies are now at
- Anubis bug fixes in 1.1.9

RubberPins at 7:33

Revisiting Rubberpins

If you're new around here or happened to forget, Rubberhose 2 featured three rigging methods:

  • RubberHose
  • RubberRig
  • RubberPin

It was the first time so many different rigging solutions were integrated into one tool. They worked similarly, but the latter 2 had a lot of quirks to get set up. One of the core ideas with v3 has been to standardize and simplify how everything works in a way that v2 never could.

During development, no matter what we tried, we could not figure out how to make Puppet Pins work with the new hose system in a way that felt good and reflected our dream of simplicity. Rather than delay launching, we decided to ship RH3 without support for pins.

The more Jake played with the system, the more he kept looking for workarounds and even suggested one using Void:

He came up with a way to link position properties to Void layers (our invisible shape layer replacement for Nulls), and then those layers could be parented to a hose. But what if it were possible to do all that with a click, and without the extra layers?

So that's what we did. Set some pins, then click the New RubberPin button. That's it. Simplicity and style freedom are fully unlocked.

Takeaway: Done is better than perfect and sometimes good ideas take time.

We hope you have fun building new characters and can't wait to check out what you create. Be sure to tag us on Instagram.

Rubberhose 3

The fastest way to rig and animate a character in After Effects

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A home for freebies

Product development takes a long time. It can be months (or years) before we can share what we've been working on. To break up the process and to keep our energy going we like to release some of the small workflow tools we build as freebies.

Over this past year, we have been experimenting with different homes for these tiny tools, and they have finally moved in and unpacked.

Freebie downloads
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No longer a pay-what-you-want, the freebies are now free when you sign up for this blog/newsletter. We only share helpful stuff. Promise.

Anubis 1.1.9 updates

Everyone's favorite MP4 compressor and render file naming system sees a handful of bug fixes quality of life improvements:

  • The panel will now notify you about available update downloads
  • Outputting a file from Ae with an MP4 output module, then compressing with Anubis would add _anubis.mp4 to the end of the file name (to prevent overwriting the source file). This won't happen anymore unless you drop an mp4 into the panel to recompress.
  • You can now use any Ae output module you want if you want to use Anubis to handle file naming and skip its mp4 compression.
  • The metadata of the mp4 will now contain the path back to the original project file (viewable in Bridge)
  • It will stop asking you twice where to save your files


Dynamic render file and folder naming with an otherworldly mp4 compressor for quickly sharing status updates and posting online.

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One year of Twig

This time last year we found a dog on the side of a country road trying to get run over. He was a starving dirt pile of a matted fur creature with scars and fleas and worms and eyes that could melt your soul. One rotation around the sun, countless bags of food, and 70lbs later he's the healthiest good boy wolf (white shepherd) you could ever meet.

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